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Get ready for the most unforgettable experience of your life.
The Gala Awards inside at Kensington Palace.
Royal Residence of Prince William and his family.

The Best of Brazil Awards is a series of events that takes place in 5 days. Some of the events are free, others you need to buy a ticket to be able to access.  We have listed below the schedule of days and also opportunities to purchase tickets in installments. 

Mulheres extraordinarias.jpeg

Conferência Mulheres Extraordinárias

26 de Outubro

Luiza Brunet e convidadas estarão palestrando. 


Ticket que garante entrada em todos os eventos 

26-27-28-29 de outubro

Veja abaixo o itinerário dos quatro dias e o que está programado para cada dia.


Best of Brazil Summit
Feira & Palestras

27 de outubro das 9h as 17:30h

Para visitar a feira, a entrada é franca.

Para expor e palestrar, envie uma msg.

Kensington Palace oficial 2.jpeg

Premiação de Gala no Palácio de Kensington

30 de Outubro

Participe da maior Premiação da comunidade brasileira no exterior!

Message for winners and finalists

4 days - £120
The invitation is valid for the 4 days of events.

Day 1: October 26th


This event is free, but when you buy the 4-day ticket you will have the privilege of having your seat reserved and you will also be able to have a private photo session with Luiza Brunet and Ângela Hirata. 

Image by Shubhesh Aggarwal
Migrant Business show1.jpg
Image by Hello I'm Nik

Best of Brazil Summit - trade fair and lectures from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

On the third day we will have the whole day of networking, lectures, and visits to the exhibitors' booths.
It will be all day to do business and meet a lot of people.

With your Combo invitation, you have your place reserved at the lectures.
Speed-networking sessions between exhibitors and participants
(speed-networking are games for people to get to know each other very quickly
to then keep in touch. In a time of 30 minutes you can meet 10-15 people.
Lectures all day: 9:30am to 4:30pm. Drinks for exhibitors: 17h-18:30h.

Included in the ticket:
entrance to the fair
reserved seats at lectures


Day 2: October 27th

adternoon tea.jpeg

We started the day doing group tourism and networking (all day long).
Starting at 10 am with a photo shoot in front of Big Ben and the Palace of Parliament.
At 11 am we will take a boat ride, until we reach the Greenwich Meridian.
At 13:00, we will leave the Greenwich Meridian and take the underground.
We will arrive at Kensington Palace for the famous English afternoon tea at 2.30pm.
The day ends at the Palace around 17:30h.
Everyone returns to the hotel for rest and dinner. 
We meet at a networking bar at 8pm.

Included in the ticket:
boat ride
guided tour
visit to the Greenwich Meridian

afternoon tea at Kensington Palace

Not included: train ticket from Greenwich to the Palace. 

Day 3: October 28th

Boat Trip, Greenwich Meridian and Tea at the Palace 

tower of london.jpeg

We start the day at the Tower of London, a mini-castle in central London where the jewels and the royal crown are located. Ending the Tower of London tour, we'll walk to Tower Bridge, the most famous bridge in London (and one of the most famous in the world) and walk along the banks of the River Thames to the Palace of the British Parliament.

Free afternoon to discover other parts of London. A London mini-guide with 10 sights to discover in the city will be provided by the event organizers with names, addresses, nearest tube stations and opening hours.

Included in the ticket:
Tower of London group tour
entrance to see the queen's jewels and crown
mini guide with information about 10 sights

Day 4: October 29

Tower of London - Lunch - Halloween Party

Day 4: October 29 (night)

Image by Al Elmes
Image by Cytonn Photography

Nothing better than a party to relax and meet more people!
And if anyone knows how to party, it's the Brazilian people, right?
Get ready to take lots of pictures, have a lot of fun and make friends from all over the world.
It will be an unforgettable networking event!

Included: party ticket!*

*Drinks are included in the ticket.

The £120 fee covers the activities of the 4 days described above. 

Image by YingYi Dai

Networking Drinks

Day 5: October 30th - £180
Gala Ceremony at Kensington Palace 

KP outside.jpeg
Trophy small.png
Image by Tristan Gassert

A night to be equaled to an Oscar in Hollywood.
Entrance to the Palace with red carpet laid out for the winners of the Europe 2020 Awards, USA 2021 and finalist of the 2022 World Cup. 

Included: Palace entrance, private tour inside the Palace for winners, finalists and honored guests, drinks and canapés, photographers, cameramen and first-class production for the most glamorous night
that you will participate in your life!




Notice 1:  From September 17th finalists and winners can buy as many tickets as they like.

Notice 2: Should any of the palaces be closed due to the pandemic or for any other reason, an alternative tour will be offered. We will look for alternatives that have the same cultural and historical value, such as castles, palaces or mansions linked to the royal family, even if we have to travel to a city close to London in order to have the same experience. The journey will not exceed 120 minutes by train. Tickets do not cover train tickets. 

Notice 3:  If the event is postponed for any reason, your ticket will be automatically postponed and valid for the next event. 

Warning  4:  We advise you to take out travel insurance to cover unforeseen events, cancellations, pandemics, etc, as we are not responsible for unforeseen events that are beyond our control.

Notice 5:  If the event is canceled you will receive a full refund (100%) of what you paid for the ticket. We do not refund fees or taxes incurred during purchase. 

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