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Fraternity Without Borders

Together for a better world


The Fraternity Without Borders Humanitarian Organization was founded in 2009, in the city of Campo Grande in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.  The project was born from a call from the heart. Wagner Moura, the founder and president of the FSF, was still a boy when he found himself crying for world hunger. A pain that accompanied him by the youth, when he was already dedicated to volunteer work on the outskirts of the city where he lives, and as an adult, made him decide to go to Africa.

He chose Mozambique, a Portuguese-speaking country, located in the poorest region in the world, Sub-Saharan Africa - one million hungry people, six hundred thousand orphans. There, the work of reception began. 

From those early days to today, a series of happy events have been weaving this story of brotherhood for Africa and for a world of peace. We operate in some of the poorest places on the planet, with hope and a deep desire to help end hunger and build a world of peace. Today there are more than 10 different projects, developed in 6 countries. 

There are about 15 thousand received, 45  Work Centers, 700 Youth at School, 428,000 Meals per month, 12 Artesian Wells, 144 Built Houses, 162 Supported Seniors  , 1 installed bakery, 460 direct workers and  400 Caravans per Year.


Brazilians brought the message abroad and new volunteers join the movement, promoting the cause and in July 2017 it was registered in England.

In England, the movement organizes events and also counts on the fundamental collaboration of professionals and businessmen from different sectors in raising funds for the cause. All income raised by Fraternity Without Borders goes to the project in Mozambique. Thanks to this joint effort, with the help of generous sponsors, volunteers and sponsors, the NGO achieved one of its goals in 2017, which was to build a reception center in Mozambique. The reception center is affectionately named Hoyo-Hoyo, which means "welcome" in Changana, the local language. Located in Mabalane in Chikwalakwala district.

Currently 500 children and 30 elderly people are being benefited, but the situation at the Center is still very precarious, we need to make many improvements and that is why we need everyone's contribution. With just £15 a month you can make a difference and help us to continue offering daily meals, emergency medical care, tutoring, activities


cultural and educational with more quality and for more people. 

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Taking into account that the FWB has all the necessary registrations in the UK, we invite companies and professionals to join us.

Any type of support, sponsorship and financial assistance can be deducted from the income tax return. In other words, you can help without having to put your hand in your pocket.

Contact us to learn more.



  • For just £15 a month, you can sponsor the project, thus ensuring that a child receives food, clean water, tutoring, medical assistance and participates in cultural activities at our drop-in centers via direct debit

  • Introduce Fraternity Without Borders to friends and family

  • Contribute to our projects through monthly donations through direct debit

  • You can campaign on social media. and. g use your birthday celebration to run a Facebook campaign.

  • Join one of our work caravans in Mozambique (10 days duration)

  • Promote small awareness and fundraising events

  • Participate in our events in general

  • Follow us on our Facebook page or on our website. Social media is an important way to support our work.


To sponsor through Direct Debit, just contact us by e-mail or do it directly through the QR Code or link  below;

Gilson Guimaraes

FWB UK Coordinator





Phone: +44 78 414 02 336  


Instagram: @fraternitywithoutbordersuk

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