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  1. an email can only vote for a nominee once;

  2. the same person can vote for multiple candidates;

  3. nominations will be open for 3 months June 5th to September 5th;

  4. nominations close Sept. 5;

  5. voting will continue from September 5th to September 9th;

  6. if there is any category with only one nominee, the category will not be taken to the final with the judges and we will place the candidate in another category that is equivalent to his/her profile;

  7. the rules will keep expanding during the event schedule (note the rules don't change, they expand);

  8. supporters, partners, sponsors and jurors cannot vote for any of the nominees;

  9. no relatives of the organizers can participate in the awards;

  10. the 10 most voted in each category will be invited to participate in the in-person event in London;

  11. the 10 most voted of each  category will be the finalists and your biographies of up to 700 characters will be sent to the judges, as shown on your profile screen, when you accept to participate in the nomination;


  12. the judges voted on each finalist's story based solely on the nominee's biography. The jury does not receive the finalist's first or last name so that the vote is totally impartial;

  13. the nominees cannot have any kind of experience with the police, have been found guilty of any type of crime or be in a judicial process that is in the public domain (public domain means that the process may have published in newspapers or magazines);

  14. private processes that do not concern the public do not count.  

  15. we do not take into account personal issues between people participating in the awards and we do not accept gossip or dial-up from one participant tell the other;

  16. we do not accept bribes, gifts, travel, or any other kind of kickback to give the trophy to a winner;

  17. all winners receive the award by combining the votes of the audience to reach the final and by the votes of the judges in their biography;

  18. in the final week of the votes, we check if the votes are real or if some kind of fraud was used. If 5 or more emails are verified as from robots, or there are no candidates and immediately disqualified;

  19. the most voted in each category automatically gets one more vote when it goes to the judges;

  20. if there is a tie between the judges, the nominee with the highest popular vote is the winner;

  21. We will disqualify candidates with less than 10 votes.  If you have less than 10 votes, you will not be one of the finalists .;

  22. If a category only has candidates with less than 10 votes, the category will be voided and none of the nominees will be invited to participate in the awards ceremony at Kensington Palace in London.

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